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South Dakota is winning. With Governor Kristi Noem at the helm, South Dakota is experiencing record growth and opportunity. But this didn’t happen by accident. Gov. Kristi Noem achieved these successes through grit and determination, a value instilled from her early life. As a college student, 21-year-old Kristi Noem and her husband had to take over the family ranch after a family tragedy. Through hard work and determination, she saved the family business
That experience formed Kristi Noem into who she is today: a conservative who has personally felt the weight of big government on her shoulders… and as a leader who takes on the toughest challenges and never backs down.
That’s why when people attack her conservative leadership and beg her to conform, Kristi Noem stands with resolve.
The results of conservative leadership speak for themselves: Governor Noem has won nine straight statewide elections in South Dakota… and had the largest INCREASE in margin of victory of any Republican Governor in 2022.
2018 South Dakota
Gubernatorial Election Results
Noem (R)
172,912  |  51.0%
Sutton (D)
161,454  |  47.6%
3.4% margin of victory
2022 South Dakota
Gubernatorial Election Results
Noem (R)
217,035  |  62.0%
123,148   |  35.5%
26.5% margin of victory

taking on the tough races in 2024

Governor Noem is traveling to the 2024 battleground states to help conservatives win the most important races.

Our Plan

The American Resolve team is committed to putting Kristi and her team on the ground in key races across America, giving those candidates direct access to the governor.
Kristi Noem perfected the recipe of winning by leading with resolve on the tough issues — and she’ll show these leaders how to win.

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with Kristi Noem and help conservatives WIN.
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